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Wrightsville Dunes

General Information
Wrightsville Dunes - Buildings A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
North Lumina Avenue
Wrightsville Beach

Built in the 1990s, the entire Wrightsville Dunes complex has eight (8) ocean front, mid-rise (3 stories) buildings. Five buildings, C, D, F, G, and H are considered Wrightsville Dunes. Building A, B, and E are the Sterling Edition of Wrightsville Dunes. Most Wrightsville Dunes condominiums are single level with three (3) bedrooms and two (2) baths; a few are multi-level with four (4) bedrooms and 3 baths. End units have more side windows in the living area and master bedroom. The Duneridge Office (910) 256-3780 handles reservations and check-in.

Amenities include:

  • 1 elevator per building
  • 2 seasonal community pools (ground level)
  • Tennis courts
  • Private and semi-private balconies
  • 2 car, covered and uncovered parking per unit

Basic information about Wrightsville Dunes:

  • Beach Access -Guests exit the building and then walk to one of the three paths that leads between the dunes and to the ocean.
  • Dining - Guests will need to travel by car to the central business district or across the drawbridge for dining alternatives.
  • Shopping, General - Guests will need to travel by car to the central business district or across the drawbridge for shopping.

Attractions to visit while you're vacationing in Wrightsville Beach include:

  • Airlie Gardens -- A quintessential Southern gardens with 10 acres of freshwater lakes and 67 acres of gardens. Features include azaleas, camellias, statuary and the Historic Airlie Oak.
  • "The Loop" - The Loop is a 2.45 mile walkway that encompasses all of Wrightsville Beach. It's perfect for walking and/or jogging.
  • Wrightsville Beach Museum of History -- The Museum is designed to reflect how life was lived in a typical home on the Beach, and throughout the community. The turn of the century Myers Cottage houses was relocated from off the beach to its current location to house the museum.
  • Wrightsville Beach Park -provide services and leisure opportunities that will contribute significantly toward the physical, social, and emotional well being of the community. Facilities include tennis courts, playground, and fields.

  • Two Community Pool
  • Tennis
  • Oceanfront Condominiums
  • Private Beach Access
  • Unit List

    2500 N. Lumina Avenue, Wrightsville Beach

    Name Beds Baths Sleeps
    Wrightsville Dunes 2A-B 3 3 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 1A-E 3 3 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 3C-G 3 3 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 3B-F 3 2 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 3C-H 3 2 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 2D-E 3 3 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 1C-G 3 2 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 3A-F 3 3 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 1A-G 3 3 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 3A-E 4 3 8
    Wrightsville Dunes 1C-H 3 2.5 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 2B-F 3 2 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 2E-H 3 2 8
    Wrightsville Dunes 2B-H 3 2 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 3D-A 4 4 8
    Wrightsville Dunes 1C-F 3 2 6
    Wrightsville Dunes 3C-E 3 3 6

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