Renting Your Vacation Home Through an Agency vs. a Third Party

Your bag is packed, the deposits have been made, and you can practically smell the ocean air. But when you arrive at your vacation home, does it resemble the image you’ve had in your head for weeks? Is your check-in process an ordeal, or smooth sailing?

Renting someone else’s property for any length of time, no matter how short, is a bit of a gamble, especially when you have the option of using a vacation rental agency or a third party like AirBNB or VRBO. While all of these are credible channels to explore in finding the best place for you and yours to stay, there are some definite differences that could sway you to make use of one or the other.

Who is your point of contact?

AirBNB is well-known for being a channel through which the owners of the homes or spaces up for rent can directly manage who stays there and when. It’s a great opportunity for the homeowners to keep an eye on their investments, and to get to know their houseguests on a more personal level. However, some vacationers might prefer a different approach. If you would rather have the added benefits of working with a rental agency – such as linen and equipment rental and property management services – then you might want to research the best in the area and peruse their offerings before you look into other accommodations in the area.

The bottom line

Vacations do come with one less than enjoyable facet that we’ve all encountered during our planning stages: the budget. But without it, your getaway would be difficult to plan! It plays such a significant role in your vacation that it can often be the deciding factor when choosing a place to stay, or with which company you want to rent during your time in the area. AirBNB and VRBO, as well as other renting facilitators, do tend to have different rates because of the way the service works with homeowners. Sometimes, you can find more cost-efficient options than you will find rental agencies, but in other cases they can be quite similar. The particulars would have to be sorted out when you get down to finding your accommodations for the period of your stay.

It’s all in the details

There have been recently reported cases in which excited vacationers arrived at their homeowner-managed destinations only to discover that the physical location did not match up to the expectations given through the online listing, or even a mix-up in availability. While this isn’t a guaranteed setback, you can more often avoid similar issues when you decide to rent through an agency. Offices like the Intracoastal Vacations company have to monitor listings and schedules on a grand scale, which means that they use a tried and true system to make sure you as a visitor can get all of the information you need and the best customer service for your budget.

A vacation is supposed to be a fun, exciting break from the everyday; booking it and planning for your stay should be just as enjoyable! Whichever route you take in getting your experience underway, it’s important that you choose the one that will best suit you and your family’s needs. If you’re ready to explore southeastern North Carolina, contact us and find out how we can help!

Safeguarding Your Vacation Experience: The Importance of Rental Insurance

When you plan your vacation, you make room in your suitcase and picture all of the things you might need during your stay, book reservations at local restaurants, and read up on any festivals or events you might want to attend while you’re in town.

Typically, you wouldn’t get familiar with the best plumber in the area or research top contractors in the event of significant damage to the home in which you’re staying or your belongings. But at least when you get a comprehensive rental insurance package with your vacation house, the cost is one less concern to add to the list.

Why should I invest in coverage for the short-term?

Everyone has a travel story that contains at least one significant setback; the luggage got lost or damaged, the weather was awful. In the end, no one can really stop any of those things from happening, but you can guard yourself against the resulting cost and some of the frustration by investing in even a minor insurance policy.

What does rental insurance generally cover?

Depending on the company that manages the house in which you want to stay, there are a few different options in which you can invest to cover varying cases of damage or disrepair. Some, for example, offer coverage similar to Intracoastal Vacation Rentals’ Incidental Damage Program, which protects visitors from the little things that can go wrong during their stay. Before they even unpack their bags, tenants are asked to check out the home and make sure everything is as it should be; if not, smaller repairs are often covered by the rental company or the homeowner’s policy. The tenants are responsible for any damage incurred during the rental period. Other policies detail what dollar amounts’ worth of damage to your belongings are covered in certain circumstances while in the vacation house, or who is responsible in the event that someone is injured during the stay. More often than not, the homeowner’s policy covers the home in the event of weather damage and other more extreme cases.

Who do I talk to about setting up my vacation rental insurance?

The first person you’ll want to consult with on your vacation rental insurance options would be whoever provides your current policy on your permanent home. He or she can discuss the details with you in more depth because of the firm’s familiarity with your needs and what your current policy already covers. From there, it’s all about deciding what ought to be protected based on where you’re going and how long you expect to be gone. If possible, have your agent check in with the homeowner of the vacation house, too, so he or she can compare your existing policy with the one on the rental.

If you’re ready to get away for a while, contact Intracoastal Vacation Rentals for more details on your accommodation options on North Carolina’s coast!

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