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From the Shore

The easiest and most casual way to fish at the beach is to simply do it right there at the shoreline. Fishing in North Carolina does require a fishing license, so make sure you purchase one before you head out. Vacationers most commonly get a short-term license, while locals opt for an annual or lifetime license. Once you have your license, grab your bait and tackle, look for a spot on the beach with open water in front of you, and you’re set for the day! Keep an eye on swimmers, though, and make sure you’re not casting your line if they’re nearby.


From the Pier

The Carolina Beach Fishing Pier is a great place for families to come and fish. Because the pier isn’t surrounded by vacation homes and swimmers, it feels more isolated and open for casting your line where you please. You can rent rods and purchase bait and tackle right at the pier, which means you won’t have to buy or bring your equipment from home. You also don’t have to buy a fishing license for this location because you’re covered under the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier’s collective license. And if you feel like fishing all day, the pier has a small restaurant where you can whet your appetite in between bites on the line.


From a Charter


Are you looking for a challenge, like catching large fish on the open ocean? Heading out on a fishing charter is the perfect option for your big game needs. There are several charters run by local, experienced captains that know the best spots and are equipped with the best fishing gear. Here are a few reliable charters to choose from:

Batson Charter Boats

Sea Hound Fishing Charters

Feel Good Fishing Charters & Adventures

Fish Dance Charters

Musicman Charters

Profish Charters NC