Meet Our Staff

Meet the team that helps us thrive! Our team is dedicated to helping guests have the best vacation experience and helping homeowners keep their properties booked and well managed. Each team member brings a unique personality and skillset that has helped Intracoastal Vacation Rentals grow into what it has become.

Below, you'll find each of the members of our mainland team that service the beach towns near Wilmington, followed by our Bald Head Island team that services guests and homeowners on the island.

Our staff is here to assist you in any way we can, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Intracoastal Rental Bald Head Island

Intracoastal Rental Staff

Kevin Futral

Managing Director of Vacation Rentals
Email: Phone: 910-509-7675 More Info

Ian Kraus

Property Manager
Email: Phone: 910-509-7677 More Info

Russel Herman

Maintenance Technician

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Vicki Watkins

Administrative Assistant

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Bald Head Island Staff

Wendy Irick

General Manager
Email: Phone: 910-457-7393 More Info

Terry Kury

Owner Services Coordinator
Email: Phone: 9104577285 More Info

Emily Rainwater

Resort Sales Technology Specialist
Email: Phone: 910-457-7354 More Info

Trisha Howarth

Business Development
Email: Phone: 910-457-3723 More Info

Jennifer Ayers

Rental Relations Coordinator
Email: Phone: 1-844-644-7551 More Info

Pam Reams

Rental Relations Coordinator
Email: Phone: 1-844-644-7551 More Info

Mary Brown

Laundry Facility Manager
Email: Phone: 1-844-644-7551 More Info

Michael Elliott

Maintenance Operations
Email: Phone: 910-269-2790 More Info